Nike having a good time with hackers

Nike having a good time with hackers


LAS VEGAS: Across the dance floor in a club, a DJ raised his voice, “Can you all make noise for Nike?”

For Nike’s latest launch of sneaker, it surely wasn’t a very lavish party but infact was a recruiting event for cyber security researchers and hackers.

In the wake of dire headlines about cyber attacks that have cost retailers millions and nearly crippled Sony Pictures Entertainment last December, corporations are scrambling to enhance their digital security.

Not to mention, at a cyber security conference named as Black Hat USA, Nike was evident enough unusually among Dell and Microsoft. So well, it certainly was not the only one to be looking ahead for cyber security talent.

Previously, Pepsi has tempted applicants by noting the outdoor trails on its campus and assuring them that they can leave their business clothes home for a jeans kind of gig.

There has been a spread of awareness and red alert among several corporate boards in terms of cyber security after Song has been attacked by hackers.

“A bunch of companies that never thought they played in the big leagues of cyber security have all the sudden realized that they are.” – Facebook’s new chief security officer, Alex Stamos

Just with reference to the above, cyber security expertise can be hard to get.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for information security analysts to be of high priority in the upcoming days of future.

A recent Department of Justice report noted that even the FBI is unable to recruit the cyber security experts it needs.

Nike also has become an active presence at cyber security conferences. In March, it sponsored an after party at RSA, a major industry event in San Francisco.

“Nike is changing how athletes connect, how consumers buy, and how employees work. Every new vision creates a new cyber security challenge, and no one takes on a challenge like Nike.”

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