New iOS in market – minor flaw in keyboard updated

New iOS in market – minor flaw in keyboard updated


Apple once again has proved to be user friendly with its consumers – the minor flaw between an apple keyboard has been overcome with a short span of time. The update was revealed during the release of a new beta for the iOS 9 operating system for iPads and iPhones.

The beta version was released, but the full software is set to be available to new customers in the fall.

Initially the users complained something about Apple’s shift key to which Apple gave certain consideration – Now when shift is off, lower case letters are shown on the screen. It was one of the most common modification requests by gadget lovers.

This has finally overcome the bad and frustrating experience faced by apple consumers – because they mistakenly typed an upper case when you wanted a lower case, and vice versa.

Apple has played with colour schemes of black and gray – whether the shift button is on or off. Certainly it wasn’t that obvious before.

On the other hand, the latest iOS of Apple specifications incorporate more intelligent Siri, a navigation tool that allows you to search public transit routes, and a ‘Nearby’ feature – allowing you to browse restaurants, shops and bars in close range.

Daily Mail Online is one of the news sites available in the new apps of Apple.

Users are able to use Apple Music to listen to Beats 1 radio, a 24-hour live station with exclusive interviews and songs.

The ‘Notes’ feature has also been updated, so check-lists can be created.

“Oh thank goodness! I had issues with the iPhone shift key.” – Joyce Croft

“So apparently iOS9 finally changes capitalization of all letters on the keyboard when you press shift. Good.” – Dave Perman.

However according to Mike Miller, “’I’ve personally had zero problems determining whether or not shift was pressed on my iPhone.”

Launch date of new iPhone was expected to be 25th of September during year 2015.

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