Google putting a lot of effort in US$ 50 smartphone’s perfection

Google putting a lot of effort in US$ 50 smartphone’s perfection


Plans of Tech giant, Google, to come with an amazing smartphone worth US$ 50 in India is heading on its way. It is basically an aim to tap a huge emerging market.

As per Google statements released to Financial Times:

“We are very committed to our Android One project, which launched in India last fall with the goal of designing cheap Android-powered smartphones specifically for developing countries.”

Not to mention, last year, the standard phones were initially priced at about US$ 100 but now the tech giant wants to sell its smartphones for less than US$ 50 – an attempt to attract people whosoever wants to buy their very first smartphone.

According to Google’s managing director in India and Southeast Asia, Rajan Anandan:

“The company sees the sub-$50 price range as the sweet spot for adoption success in India’s market. So far, the Android One project has failed to take hold for a variety of reasons, from pricing to supply chain problems that have decreased access to the phones, most of which are manufactured in China.”

But software is what makes Android One smartphones even more enticing. These devices run stock Android (no bloatware) and get updates directly from Google instead of relying on the manufacturer and carrier, a change from the usual process that means most Android phones never receive an update.

Since the debut in India, Google has expanded the Android One project to several other regions including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. But despite its gradual expansion, the initiative hasn’t seen much traction. In comparison, Amazon recently said that the region represents its fastest-growing country in terms of online sales.

So, let’s see what Google brings in box for its customers in the upcoming days.

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