Windows 10 Operating System – what’s it bringing right your way?

Windows 10 Operating System – what’s it bringing right your way?


Now with Microsoft’s Windows 10, users will nearly forget about Windows 8.

Microsoft has been ditching the tablet like ‘Metro’ interface and had gone back with users to remember the older versions like feel.

But that surely does not mean, there are no changes made in the new OS by Microsoft; but either they are not central to its functioning or are so seamless that they seem to be existing since beginning with it.

What’s an improvement?

Microsoft’s core audience has always been business users and home users not hip (or rich) enough to buy a Mac. That made the bold change of Windows 8 which eliminated the comfort level most users had with the OS a blunder. Here, Windows 10 OS corrects that while still moving the product forward. Anyone who has used an earlier version of Windows, whether it be 7, XP, or even Vista, will immediately be able to use Windows 10 without any learning curve.

What’s new in Windows 10?

The best new feature on the OS is not new at all. It’s all about the Start Menu that is a point of focus. But that’s almost unfair to say, because the Windows 10 Start Menu goes well beyond its predecessors.

Windows 10 comes in pack with a feature called Task View, which allows viewingexactly what programs and apps you have open at the moment. That can be very useful, as it stops you from having to close screens or minimize things to find the program you are looking for.

Is shifting to Windows 10 from Windows 8 a good idea?

Why not? Users of older versions of Windows need not upgrade as quickly, but there is no reason for them to not do it. Windows 10 improves on its predecessors.