Beverage Coca-Cola loses 5% while TRADING


    Europe (Coke’s third biggest market) saw a plunge worth 1% within its sales during Q ended on 01 April 2016, when a stronger Dollar and fragile demand in Brazil pulled down Latin America sales by 12.2% (source: CNBC).

    Presently, the beverage company is thriving to cut cost to enhance its *branding.

    (*Fanta, Sprite, Dasanietc)

    UPDATE: Other press releases, regarding beverage manufacturer, bring in latest revelation of rolling out a new line packaging – part of its One Brand global marketing strategy. As so, really it’s time to wave goodbye to current designed cans of Coke Zero, Coca Cola Life and Diet Coke, when new makeover is anticipated.

    “The unification of the brands through design marks the first time in our 130-year history that the iconic Coca-Cola visual identity has been shared across products in such a prominent way. When applied across packaging, retail, equipment and experiential, this new approach becomes a global design language that utilizes a historical brand icon to present the range of Coca-Cola products available today in a contemporary and simple way.” – Beverage’sGlobal Design VP, James Sommerville

    The latest launched design would incorporate a wide ‘red disc’ graphic – taking up a greater proportion of the can (as a whole). On a related note, the Diet, Zero and Life varieties will retain some silver, black and green around the borders and on the ring-pull.

    Coke’s bottles are also getting a new enterprise.

    “Packaging is our most visible and valuable asset.” – Coke’s CMO, Marcos de Quinto

    EXCLUSIVE: Earlier this year in May, this new packaging will hit Mexico, before hitting global shopping stores.

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