US accused China before G20 Summit


    To resolve the complaint of still stealing US technology and intellectual property with Chinese govt at its back, WTO will set up a dispute panel after pointing the figure towards China by the United States.

    While in the G20 summit, from 30 November to 1 December at Buenos Aires, during which meeting of US and Chinese Presidents has been expected, the 53-page report by Robert Lighthizer, a US Trade Representative, with new accusations came in just 10 days earlier. By some of the more aggressive members of Trump’s Administration, like Steven Munich, Treasury Secretary to force dialogue extension and Lighthizer to strengthen their case before the summit, the timing of report issued on Tuesday seems to be another move.

    China fundamentally has not altered its acts, policies, and practices related to technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation, and indeed appears to have taken further unreasonable actions in recent months,” the report said.

    Judgment on the US allegations is expected to be passed not before the next year, as separately on Wednesday, initiation of investigation has been agreed by WTO for allegations by the US.  For determination of Chinese policies whether compliant to WTO’s terms or violating it, investigation will carried out by a panel of experts comprising of three members.

    US in its report of USTR, blamed Chinese govt for not stopping its, rising in numbers and complexity, drive of cyber-attacks on American Companies.

    On Wednesday Chinese Foreign Minister while responding to the report related question, advised the US official to read China’s stance of firm protection of intellectual property rights, published in a white paper by Chinese Government in September.

    To respond the tariffs, applied by Trump administration on imports of $250 billion from China, increasing amendments has only been made to restrict the foreign investments in certain sectors by the Chinese.

    The foreign-direct investment by China in 2018, with more emphasized only on the specific technology startups, has become lowered in United States.

    In particular, Chinese [venture capital] investment in US technology centers such as Silicon Valley has intensified in recent months.”

    Report also allege the state-owned China Telecom, potentially collecting and analyzing data, to remain involve in practice of directing the internet traffic towards the Chinese servers by hijacking.

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