IBM Came Up with Multi Cloud Management for Enterprises

IBM Came Up with Multi Cloud Management for Enterprises


IBM is taking the different path of multi cloud management when its competitors Amazon, Microsoft and Google are battling for getting dominance in the cloud services provider business.

For this IBM is not only building its own public cloud but also working to integrate its different Bluemix and SoftLayer clouds with that new public cloud.

In a recent survey IBM came to know that over 90 percent of the enterprise are using multiple cloud among which majority of two third is even using more than two public clouds. Usage of multi clouds has become norm in the enterprises. Despite lack of enterprise level security and assurance by the provider, cloud-based solutions are still more in demand, more secure and more user friendly for the consumers.

And time and again enterprises are enforced to select one from options of cloud or on premises whereas better option with both the cloud and onsite apps is available in shape of hybrid cloud.

IBM is not coming with the point that its public cloud is better or bigger but it come up offering management of multiple clouds rather it will be a singly owned onsite cloud, public cloud or a private cloud.

In the past IBM may have missed to be benefited from the booming opportunity of building public clouds like Amazon and Azure, but this time for its enterprise customers wanted to clean up the mess, IBM has promptly sensed the arising opportunity and come forward to provide its enterprise customers with security, management and controlling shield to eliminate the risk of data lock-in with the cloud provider.

IBM multi cloud manager is Kubernetes-based program which runs on its platform IBM Cloud Private. Using IBM platform will provide customers better automation, better pricing and quicker spin-up of services by allowing them to integrate and manage their workload on several of the other clouds.

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