Tyson to offer 85 jobs upon its new plant construction in Green...

Tyson to offer 85 jobs upon its new plant construction in Green Forest


As per latest official press release, Tyson Foods Inc. (TSN) has made an announcement to build approx. a $136 million facility in Green Forest. This newly constructed 200,000-square-foot facility might be across the street from an existing plant – from where Tyson produces half-cooked chicken products i.e. portioned fillets and nuggets.The two sites will be interconnected via a planned corridor.

INSIGHT: Carrol Country town bears a Tyson plant having nearly 1.250 workers (5% employment to the inhabited population). Also, Tyson Foods purchased the Green Forest plant in year 1967.

UPDATE: Company will spend $136 million to build the new plant construction along with opening more 85 employment vacancies for residents.

In addition to this, the industry is looking ahead for receipt of court approval on tax abatement and on tax credits from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.

“Tyson’s been good to this county and to the city of Green Forest.” – Green Forest’s mayor, Charles Reece who hopes county approval of the tax break without any hindrance.

“We’ve got an A-plus crew of operators down at our wastewater plant. We’ve really not had any huge issues since then, at least as long as I’ve been here.” – he added.

For fiscal 2016, the company projects:

Sales worth $37 billion | capital expenditures worth $900 million


In fiscal 2015, it paid more than $29 million to the chicken farmers in Green Forest and nearby Berryville who supply chickens to the company’s plants there.