BlackBerry ensures encryption security to its customers but RCMP claims to have VIP Access


    As when Tech and Social Media had been bombarded with an ongoing battle between iPhone manufacturer, Apple Inc. and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), a lot of concerns regarding data encryption had taken a discourse heed. ‘Should tech companies renounce their privacy policies and yield themselves to national security’, is a long-term argument that seems to have merely initiated.

    In accord with recent press reports, BlackBerry – believed to be a slogan for mobile security – indicates to break into its own devices at the authorities’ request, with sole consent.

    INSIGHT:During the development of Project Clemenza, Indian government had pointed out that BlackBerry should let allow officials a legalized way for monitoring a part of the network data (ownedby the company itself).

    Astonishing for most of the customers in market out there, the Canadian authorities claim to have had a master-key for BlackBerry devices since year 2010.The company had helped the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to intercept/decode sent messages – encrypted through BBM service.Did RCMP manage to crack the handset’s encryption by its own means? No official statement came regarding this issue. Upon this, Vice and Motherboard cited court documents hinting that BlackBerry was in close cooperation with the Canadian law enforcement agency; moreover, not all smartphone manufacturers share Apple’s stance on encryption by non-cooperating with government officials.

    Nevertheless, BB ensures that as a result, interconnected clients with its enterprise server had never been impacted by the process.

    UPDATE: BlackBerry servers function via*; handsets working with public servers operation use an internal peer-to-peer encryption kee embedded encryption keys. Not to mention, all personal BlackBerry’s use public servers.

    (*keys believed to have been built by the time device is manufactured)

    Since this press outbreak, several queries need to be answered amid which one important question lies to whether RCMP still holds a decryption key or not.Upon reach, BlackBerry did not comment over this matter.