May estimates $27 million: Hillary Clinton stands firm in fundraising


    On overviewing her funds from May 2016, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton records an approximate worth $27 million – in accord by her campaign’ info.

    The above amount is believed to be set-out from her last month’s fundraising – availing her an important grip in upcoming final month of primary elections.

    UPDATE: Clinton is believed to have owned $42 million the last month, whereas no fundraising has been disclosed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders whose campaign reported to have held less than $6 million [in cash] (ending April 2016).

    April had been a month where both riving candidates raised about $26 million. Unfortunately Sanders’ *fundraising took down a narrow lane the same period.

    (**April fundraising = $212.8 million)

    In total, Clinton has raised nearly $240 million for her campaign.

    Initial data also cited her raising $13.5 million — through a channel with DNC — for the Democratic National **Committee and state parties, the last month.

    (**It has raised $62 million from the last month estimates)

    Sanders’s fundraising had far outpaced Clinton’s. He marks Clinton by hundreds of delegates ahead of the final set of primaries next Tuesday (source: Market Watch).

    Exclusive report received by Los Angeles Times cite (for readers’ concern):

    Both Hillary and Bill Clinton look forward to hold more than 30 campaign events in a scramble to eke out victory in California.

    In contrary to this, a Marist College survey — for NBC and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) — shows her leading just 49% to 47%, despite her deeper ties to the state than democratic rival.

    ‘Winning California doesn’t mean winning the nomination’ – Hillary attested this factual statement by beating [then-Sen] Barack Obama in the state – eight years ago.

    Certainly, a loss in California would be a significant setback for Hillary.

    “California voters have been good to us – to her particularly. Eight years ago, she did very well. I think it’s really a question of turnout. If we get enough voters out, she’ll win. We just have to work hard to do it.” – former U.S. president, Bill Clinton.

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