GoPro brand event for Hero 6 Black release with iPhone 8 features

GoPro brand event for Hero 6 Black release with iPhone 8 features


Action camera maker GoPro announced it will hold an event in California later this week and began to carry rumors that the device to be released is GoPro Hero 6 Black. If it is confirmed, this action camera will be the most powerful of the brand and will feature many new things awaited by users.

According to what has been revealed, this new action camera from GoPro will be released with some interesting news. It is expected to have 12 megapixels and be able to record videos in 4K at 60fps, as well as what is found on the iPhone 8, for example.

The rumors also indicate that the GoPro Hero 6 Black come with the ability to record videos in slow motion with Full HD resolution and 240 fps in the same way as the latest release of Apple. However, other speculations bet on up to 960 fps, matching the Xperia XZ1, something that would be incredible for the action camera.

In the resistance, GoPro Hero 6 Black should continue to be quite interesting. In this case, the action camera is expected to have resistance against water up to 10 meters, which will allow users to take it for dives, for example. In addition, it should also be compatible with a case that will allow even deeper dives.

Finally, the rumors also say that GoPro Hero 6 Black will arrive in the United States costing less than $500.

GoPro, although it has gained a lot of competition in recent years, continues to develop the best action cameras. Last year, the American brand surprised by presenting a product that fans of water sports have long expected, resistance to water and dust, without the need for a watertight box.

Following the success of the GoPro Hero 5 versions, preparations are now underway for the next generation of cameras to be launched, which will take place on September 28th in San Francisco, California.

Although the presentation is only scheduled for September 28th, GoPro Hero 6 has been on the shelves of some Canadian stores. Although it must have been a mistake, several people reportedly purchased new camera, which was priced slightly above $500. Now it’s time to wait until the 28th to know all the official news and to know if this product really reaches stores from that date.

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