One Tweet Leads Twitter To Update Its Public-Facing Policy

One Tweet Leads Twitter To Update Its Public-Facing Policy


As politicians increasingly use social networks to share their views, Twitter has been one of the most affected by this trend, thanks to its potential to turn any message into breaking news and spread it around the world in a matter of minutes.

This is the case of Donald Trump, who gained a lot of popularity using this tactic, before his campaign for the presidential race in the USA. Today, elected, the president still uses the platform, where his statements can turn into bombastic news – almost literally.

This time the mess is a bit more serious. Trump made a statement on Twitter that may well be interpreted as a serious threat to the North Koreans. Ri Yong Ho, North Korea’s foreign minister, said the message from the American leader is almost a declaration of war.

Trump basically wrote that North Korea will not be here for long.

Ri Yong Ho said that with Trump’s statement, North Korea would have “every right” to defend itself and shoot US jets flying close to the country.

Well, no bomb exploded on either side, but it could fall into Twitter hands. The company, which is already facing lawsuits over hate speech by some users, now has to deal with problems caused by one of the most powerful men in the world.

There are policies to use the social network, and harassing or offending people on Twitter can result in punishment. Despite this, many users known to propagate hate continue without any punishment.

But some things can change. After someone almost wreaked havoc on this site, Twitter spoke out saying it will change its public policy for cases like that.

In cases such as this, where a person is popular, statements are maintained, even when they generate much controversy, because the publication has value as news. But in a series of messages in the social network itself, the company said that they need to improve it and that the new public policies of the social network will leave the guidelines more transparent.

We now have to wait for the new guidelines to be published and observe how they will be reflected in user behavior and company punishments. But will the president of the United States be affected by any of these policies on the site?

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