Galaxy P? First Samsung with biometrics under the screen can be released...

Galaxy P? First Samsung with biometrics under the screen can be released next month


The smartphone market has changed in recent years. Big companies that dominated simply lost their space, such as Nokia and Blackberry. Until a few months ago, the top two were Apple and Samsung, but over time, Huawei pushed and even passed Apple in the market, wanting to surpass the South Korean giant by the end of 2019. This should make the race for innovation to speed up, and the first signs began to appear.

In July, a person connected to the world of industry gave details about the possibility of Samsung introducing a new line of smartphones in China, known by the names of Galaxy R and Galaxy R. At the moment, it is unclear which models the R-series will cover, or what to expect from them. But on the Galaxy P, apparently they must be intermediaries, and today, thanks to the same person, Samsung may have a very interesting intermediary to be released.

Supposedly set to be official sometime in September, the first device in the Galaxy P family may end up being called the Galaxy P1. Currently, there are no leaks about the possible technical specifications of them, but taking into account the possible market positioning, may have an Exynos series chip like the 7885 allied to 3 GB or 4 GB of RAM.

It also has chances of having a dual camera setup, occupying much of the front surface, continuing with the Infinite Display. In addition, another tweet suggested that the most interesting feature of the Galaxy P1 would actually be the technology of reading digital impressions with sensor under the display, being the first product of Samsung with the novelty.

For now, this is all speculation and there is something concrete about the novelty, even if the second tweet indicates that the Galaxy device will even be destined for China. In addition, it is worth remembering that this coincides with words spoken by DJ Koh, executive of Samsung Mobile, speaking that new features should happen to be introduced in midsize models. It was believed that he was referring to the Galaxy A line, but it must be the same Galaxy P.