Microsoft to provide new design for Outlook on PCs and web

Microsoft to provide new design for Outlook on PCs and web


Microsoft recently confirmed that it will begin releasing the visual interface update introduced in October last year for Outlook, the e-mail service and Office application-integrated application. The new look is already available to web users in its beta version, and can be disabled if the user is not satisfied with the new look, by simply clicking on the panel displayed in the browser.

Something that is noticeable in the new version for web is that the reformulations were much deeper where the user usually does not spend much time, that is, in the configurations. The windows have become more user-friendly and visually more comfortable. Meanwhile, in the e-mail window, the icons that were previously under the folder list now occupy a special menu in the left corner of the screen and the buttons have been repaginated, having form and outline, something that did not exist before. The performance of the page has also improved, becoming more agile, which means more fluidity for slightly weaker connections.

The PC application is only available to users who participate in the Targeted program to collect feedback from users for later release implemented within the final version of Office. Targeted Release users are expected to receive in the coming weeks. Regarding the version for MacOS, there is still no release forecast or if this will happen with beta availability for interested parties or only in the final version.

It is a fact that Microsoft is one of the leading companies when it comes to software development, especially when it comes to productivity, both personal and corporate, not being accommodated and always bringing new functions, whether for PC or mobile devices.

Interesting examples of when we talk about Outlook are the integration with SwiftKey, at the end of last year, the news for the embedded calendar, released at the beginning of the year and now, the possibility to silence the application, allowing to schedule the device not to notify in certain situations.

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