Facebook’s Q1 profits beat estimates, calmed privacy scandal worries

Facebook’s Q1 profits beat estimates, calmed privacy scandal worries


Facebook Inc announced its first-quarter results on Wednesday, posting surpassing profit that beat Wall Street estimates and also said that it has set aside an amount of $3 billion  to cover a settlement with the regulators in the United States, a news that came on calming the investors worrying about the conclusion of a months-long federal investigation.

Facebook’s share surged by 10 percent reaching to $200.50 in after-hours trade on the day results were announced, which highlights that the company has set off the impact of last year decline in growth and expenses related to its privacy scandals.

The settlement accrual in shape of setting aside an amount of $3 billion, which company said could possibly be rise to $5 billion, lessened the company’s net income to $2.43 billion or 85 cents per share in the first quarter.

Excluding fines, world’s biggest online social network would have an earnings of $1.89 per share which would be above from that of $1.69 per share in the same quarter a year ago and would also in comfort zone of easily beating the average estimates of $1.63 per share, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.

In the first quarter, Facebook came on generating revenue that saw a rise of 26 percent to reach $15.1 billion  that not only came above last-year revenue of $12.0 billion but also beat the average estimate of $15.0 billion by the analysts.

Facebook’s main app remained successful to keep both monthly as well as daily users increasing at a pace of 8 percent in the reported quarter compared to last year, which rose to 2.4 billion and 1.6 billion respectively and was aligned with previous guidance.

Operating margin dropped to 22 percent from that of a year-ago of 46 percent, but excluding the one-time expense it would be 42 percent.

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