Facebook’s Workplace progressing as it holds over 2 million paid users

Facebook’s Workplace progressing as it holds over 2 million paid users


Facebook announced that it has been 2 million paid users now are attached with Workplace, a communication tool provider by Facebook for businesses.

Workplace is a mobile as well as web based app that connects the team members of a business with an offering of features like Facebook Messenger, Facebook Group and built-in audio and video calling facility as well as allowing them access to the profiles, live video tools and events on the social network.

This is the first time since launch of Workplace in 2016 and about two month after appointment of an executive Karandeep Anand as the head of Workplace’s product development department, when Facebook shared any of the progress related to the enterprise service.

In its blogpost, Facebook in last year alone, in order to connect their employees, Workplace’s platform has been chosen by many big companies and other enterprises around the globe have joined its Worlplace platform to connect their employees and these companies like globe including Vodafone, Telefonica, Kering, National Australia Bank, AstraZeneca, Delta Air Lines, GSK and Nestlé.

Facebook, in its latest financial report for 2018, filed revenue generation of $825 million under head of payment and other fees which rose 16 percent from the revenue generated in 2017 under the same head, which seems to be including the progress of Workplace included in it. Facebook also reported its last year ad sales to $55 billion.

Workplace works in a crowded market which is largely dominated by the likes of Microsoft, Google and Slack, and despite its progress, Workplace is still apparently lagging behind of those players as Slack claims to have 3 million customers attached with its service as paid users with daily active users of about 10 million, whereas in its last earnings report, Microsoft declared 120 million paying subscribers for Office 365 of its similar program Team.

Earlier in last year, Facebook shared with customers about its plans of shifting Workplace to a separate website domain which will not be linked to the website domain having consumer products of the company.