Facebook launches ‘Live Around the World’ feature

Facebook launches ‘Live Around the World’ feature


Amid one of the new features, social site Facebook Inc. rolls out a ‘Live Around the World’ map to showcase people who are streaming live.

This new feature particularly deals with live videos alongside a provision of illustration of global Facebook users’ broadcast.

INSIGHT: FB had been in constant vigorous trials to push in Live Video since January this year, when the function became available for all US users with an iPhone and a Facebook account. Lately, it hit the Android platform to enter global gateways. Moreover, social network also released a Live desktop map – similar to Periscope’s app – giving users a window into what’s happening around the globe.

UPDATE: The map feature is accessible via http://facebook.com/livemap.

With this latest feature, users can tune into some of the featured videos; listed on left side of the page.

The map currently displays a smattering of dots across the *planet. Also with a blue dot on the map, any user can drift anywhere – bigger dot reveals larger number of users.

(*domain specifically includes Asia, U.S. and Western Europe)

However, it’s still not certain to whether the app provides an actual number of videos being currently streamed or the ones that social giant prefers itself.

Last month, Facebook yielded boosting new features, amid which were:

(1) an ability to go live in Facebook Groups and Events

(2) post varied reactions as a viewer

(3) add filters to a specific stream


As per latest information obtained from Google Finance, FB had not passed any remarks regarding this news.

Apart from the above recent launch, FB’s reactions – something innovated with the usual ‘Like’ button – did not get an expected positive response either. Facebook video posts receive more of the reactions – users prefer to react to videos with the ‘wow’ reaction ‘significantly more often’ as compared to images; The same goes for an ‘angry’ reactor, that is used quite frequent (source: Quintly)


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