Uber launches its first self-driving car


    THURSDAY: Latest report has brought in news for Uber Technologies Inc. that recently claimed to have launched drive of its very first self-driving car.

    As per revelation by the company, Ford Fusion outfitted car is likely to drive all by itself around streets of Pittsburgh in order to prove itself better in functioning alongside collecting mapping data when not in self-drive mode.

    UPDATE: The car is a resultant of trials made by Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center.

    (*built by Uber in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University to come up with a self-driving tech)

    In terms of function, the car includes laser scanners, radars and HD built-in camera. Moreover, during testing, the driver will be-seated on front seat in order to monitor it’s functionality.

    “Right now we’re focused on getting the technology right and ensuring it’s safe for everyone on the road; pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.” an official blog by the company

    Upon a query: whether the collected mapping data be utilized for its self-driving tech or for the development of its own app’s mapping tech – the company did not pass any comment.

    INSIGHT: Last year in March, Uber acquired deCarta in order to assist its own mapping tech.

    On a related note, keeping in view tough completion, rivals like Lyft are also popping into self-driving tech for their cars. Not to mention, Lyft already has made up collaboration with its investor General Motors Co. to deploy self-driving Chevrolet Bolts with 12-months of time span (source: Wall Street Journal).

    Related information also brings in efforts by Google’s parent Alphabet GOOGL  – an old investor in Uber – to be working upon bringing in its own self-driving cars | Similarly Apple Inc. – an investor in Didi Chuxing – is in a partnership with Lyft.

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