Facebook accused of cheating to boost video numbers by YouTube

Facebook accused of cheating to boost video numbers by YouTube


Popular video website YouTube had accused Facebook to be a ‘Liar, cheater, and a thief.’

As per Hank Green (an American entrepreneur whose YouTube channel vlog brothers boasts more than 2.5 million subscribers):

“The social network was actively inflating statistics about how many people view its videos and willingly hosting pirated material so that it can claim to be bigger than YouTube. The social network, which recently claimed it was streaming 4 billion videos a day, is inflating the numbers in order to claim YouTube’s crown as the world’s biggest video streaming service. Videos hosted directly on Facebook are promoted more aggressively than a YouTube video posted to the social network, and that a Facebook video only had to be watched for three seconds to count as a ‘play’, against around 30 seconds for YouTube.”

Whereas on the other hand, Facebook says it’s now streaming more videos than YouTube.

To be able to make that claim, all they had to do was cheat, lie, and steal.” – Green, who was one of three YouTube personalities chosen to interview Barack Obama earlier in 2015.

He also accused Facebook of being too slow in responding to pirated video content being uploaded, so it loses most of its viewership.

He moreover said, he has no way to protect video creators beyond belatedly taking videos offline, unlike YouTube, which redirects video royalty payments to rights holders with its Content ID system.

“When Facebook says it has roughly the same number of views as YouTube, what they really mean is that they have roughly one-fifth of YouTube’s views, since they’re intentionally and blatantly over-counting to the detriment of everyone except them.” – he

So how far will these claims are justified? Not to mention, Regions like Islamic Republic of Pakistan, where YouTube was banned for showing inappropriate religious content, there Facebook video services were used to a great extent.

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