Credit goes to Apple: IBM to create major changes


    Big Blue after considering Apple its biggest rival on market platform is now finally considering it to be a vital partner.

    According to Wall Street reports, IBM is making its way ahead towards world’s biggest corporate users of MacBooks (Apple manufactured). Moreover, a new service will be provided by IBM to aid other corporations in making a way to lead Windows on market platform.

    “With these new services, clients can order Macs and have them delivered directly to their employees without any additional set-up, imaging or configuration, saving time, reducing costs and creating a great employee experience.”

    INSIGHT: It is important to note that the new services overview lessons that IBM had geared from implementing more than 110,000 Apple devices i.e. MacBooks, iPads or iPhones – that surely had helped corporate clients in making same kind of broader reach.

    In addition to all this, IBM’s new knowledge wasn’t just guess-and-check implementation. It learned directly from the source, sending one of its vice presidents for a weeklong immersion into Apple’s methods of distributing its tech internally.

    UPDATE: IBM (which is currently replacing PCs with up to 200,000 Macs across its organization) says it is sharing lessons learned concerning Mac deployment in the enterprise with its clients.

    Modern digital workplace theory holds that putting employees at the center of the experience is not just good for the workers, but good for the enterprise.

    “We each have our strengths. Apple is great at the experience and making some of the best devices in the world but we know what a lot of large enterprises need.” – IBM’s vice president of Workplace as a Service, Fletcher Previn:

    “Shipments of Macs are growing faster than the industry average, and the Mac has outgrown the PC industry every year for the last decade.” – IBM analysts’ reports

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