ZTE changes forecast of its first smartphone with 5G to 2019

ZTE changes forecast of its first smartphone with 5G to 2019


With the announcement of the 5G network beginning to appear around the world, many brands have turned to seek to bring technology already incorporated into their devices. The first to get ahead of the stand was Motorola with the launch of the Moto Z3 on the American market, including a Snap 5G.

Even with this release, handsets that natively bring technology still do not exist. Among the brands that are in the race to gain the first status of the market, ZTE was the most expected to achieve this goal, having estimated that the device should be released later this year.

However, after all the confusion experienced by the brand with the restrictions imposed by the American and Australian governments , the brand decided to change its initial forecast, extending in a year. It is worth remembering that the brand has already returned to operate in the United States after the end prohibition.

With this, it should only present a device compatible with the technology at the end of the year 2019, if nothing else goes wrong.

The reason for the change in the forecast, however, has not yet been confirmed officially but for Gizchina, the main reasons are the need for different antennas, larger modems and the fact that the consumption of energy and heat are larger, thus requiring more work in the appliance’s engineering.

What about the other brands?

Like ZTE, other brands are also focused on bringing the solution to their devices. Samsung and Huawei should follow the same path as ZTE and introduce their handsets only in 2019 and it is thought that in both cases, the release will be limited, with offer focused in the United States.

The Chinese Oppo and Vivo , subsidiaries of BBK Eletronics, also have a project in progress, but with no forecast of launch for the consumer market.

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