WhatsApp receives updates that allow you to report contacts or groups without...

WhatsApp receives updates that allow you to report contacts or groups without losing conversations


The WhatsApp is always developing ways to increase the safety of its users and also to prevent possible uncomfortable contact with unpleasant people on a large scale groups. A recent application update adds the option to perform contact blocking without having to delete all incoming or outgoing messages.

The update of 2.18.246 promises to make it easier to block people you no longer want to contact or even report groups with content that is inappropriate to the application. The option allows you to click on “Report” and take two actions: just report, but keep in touch with the person / group, or remove the saved / outgoing conversations from the reported group.

Every process is done anonymously, so this ensures that you will not suffer future virtual retaliation. This option is already available in the beta a few days ago, but now officially arrived for those who do not use this version of the application.

WhatsApp and Google have partnered to offer free backup of the messenger in Google Drive. The information has been celebrated by many Android users, and the measure is expected to begin on November 12.

However, for those who care about privacy, the partnership does not guarantee encryption for the backup files that will be stored by Google. In this way, WhatsApp has even updated its support page to make this information even clearer:

Important: Media and messages you back up aren’t protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive.”

The messenger further explained that prior to the partnership with Google the backups were no longer encrypted, but is now reinforcing this information based on the context of the agreement with the search giant.

That way, if you do not want Google to have access to this data, the best option is to look for other ways to back up WhatsApp conversations. One of these may be local storage, but it can also cause problems.

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