Warren to break up big tech companies


    Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Friday, that if elected as U.S. president, she will break up big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon to promote competition in the technology sector.

    It is now necessary to challenge the increasing dominance of big technology companies of America, Warren said at a Democratic candidate for president campaign event in Queens.

    These giant companies think themselves a ruler on earth. And I don’t want a government to work for big technology companies but to work for the people, she told a crowd of about 300 people in Long Island City.

    Giant tech companies came into towns, cities and states and do what they want to do by oppressing everyone and upset those small startups and businesses which appeared to be threat to them, Warren said.

    Big companies should not be allowed to take over the competitors as opportunity is needed to thrive and grow the competition, she said.

    Regulators would be nominated to undo the acquisitions made by big tech companies like Amazon’s purchase of Zappos and Whole Foods, Google’s deals for Nest, DoubleClick and Waze and Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and Whatsapp, said Warren in her post on Medium earlier in the day.

    She also emphasized upon a law which would bar the tech companies like Amazon and Google from selling on their own platforms of marketplace or exchange.

    Last year, a series of hearings were held by the U.S. Congress in which among many other issues, it also observed the dominating positions of big tech companies and their part in swallowing and displacing other smaller firms and businesses.

    Giant tech companies are also the biggest political donors, as in 2018 Google spent $21 million to lobby while Amazon’s spending for the same was $14.2 million whereas Facebook spent $12.62 million to lobby, according to the filings of these companies to the U.S. Congress.

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