Walmart may have bigger plans for VR technology

Walmart may have bigger plans for VR technology


Walmart has brought 50-foot tractor-trailers outside of its some of stores in parking lots for customers to have a glimpse on its virtual technology initiatives.

The tractor-trailers, which started appearing at Walmart parking lots from Feb 15, will continue to be appearing for few more weeks till April 9, that will allow the customers to experience virtual reality technology by watching DreamWorks Animation’s “How to Train Your Dragon”.

To provide better experience to customers, tractor-trailers is not only equip with VR headset and VR-powered chairs, which will allow them to see and feel, but they can also even smell the things which they would be watching, and that will make them a feeling of being actually present in the DreamWorks film.

Store No. 8 is a tech development program of Walmart which it describe as incubator, and Spatial& is a virtual reality technology company that remained silently working and growing in that incubator for past year and current is the very first application developed by Spatial&.

Walmart is coming up with bigger plans for VR, as the retail giant remained using VR headsets to train its employees in its training academies to make them familiar with scenarios they could possibly be facing at the stores while serving the customers practically. And with Spatial&, Walmart might possibly be bringing more VR technology into its stores for personal experience of the shoppers.

The Spatial& is in believes that VR will be coming up transforming the current experience of retail customers, and is intending to shift the market trends, Katie Finnegan, CEO of Spatial&, told CNBC.

Finnegan described that VR technology can serve many purposes for Walmart, like testing out camping gear or visiting vineyard sourced by the company for its wine. And there is a possibility that after some time Walmart will be thinking about utilizing its real estate in different way as customers are tending towards shopping online, Finnegan added.

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