Uber CEO may be forced to step down after video that has spread on the internet


    It is difficult or even impossible to keep up with all the scandals that Uber has been involved in recent years, and by 2017 the company has already lost important executives and directors on account of this. The company has yet to deal with personal issues that directly affect the brand, including several allegations of sexual harassment and a widely publicized video of CEO Travis Kalanick arguing aggressively with an Uber driver.

    Specifically, Kalanick went so far as to make a rare public apology, stating that “this video is of course a reflection of me – and the criticism we receive is a reminder that I must fundamentally change as a leader and grow. The first time I am willing to admit that I need leadership help and I intend to achieve that. ”

    So there may be some major changes going on for the company. According to a new Reuters report, Uber’s board of directors would have a meeting today, where one of the topics on the agenda would be about Kalanick, whether or not he should temporarily withdraw from the company.

    The report adds that Kalanick may return to the company with less power than he currently holds. The anonymous source who gave the information to Reuters said it was unclear whether the board would make any decision to change Kalanick’s role.

    The board is expected to adopt a number of internal policies and management changes recommended by outside lawyers hired to investigate sexual harassment and the company’s broader culture. External counsel made no recommendations about Kalanick.

    A Uber spokesman had no statement, and neither did Kalanick respond to requests for comment, according to the Reuters report. The board is likely to direct decisions to employees and the public on Tuesday.

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