Sony partnered with Light for upcoming multi-lens devices

Sony partnered with Light for upcoming multi-lens devices


Sony Semiconductors Solutions has joined hands with Light, a U.S. digital photography company, to build multisensor design for smartphones.

Being a pioneer in the camera software industry, Light came out with its 16-lens camera namely L16. Initially the company’s multi-camera approach appeared to be unreasonable to fit several cameras into a single device.

But now it has been becoming a new norm in the industry specially the mobile phones when industry giants like Huawei and Samsung are also coming up with their new flagships devices with three or even more cameras in a single device like recently launched Mate X and Galaxy S10 whereas Light earlier had partnered with HMD Global and resulted in five cameras in newly launched Nokia 9.

Google is also putting more of its focus on use of AI learning or other related technologies to get the most out of a single lens.

Light has also announced a partnership with the Chinese phone maker Xiaomi for its similar efforts to introduce camera technology in smartphones that could take picture up to a quality similar to that of DSLR.

Now Sony and Light have been collaborating to include the Light’s multi-camera array to be integrated with the Sony’s image processing system to make such apps that will be utilizing the combination to be used in those apps.

Sony is leading the market with unmatched image sensor technology and now looking for of computational imaging solutions to be integrated with its sensors to develop new designs with addition of more cameras.

With number of camera, which is likely to be four or more on its upcoming series of mobile devices, Sony is seeing partnering with Light to be helpful to get to the mark of multi-lens devices by using its appropriate algorithms and tuning of hardware with software while taking care of other related parameters.

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