Russian authority to confirm Facebook is complying with data storage law.

Russian authority to confirm Facebook is complying with data storage law.


The authorities in Russia are investigating to see if social media company Facebook is complying with the country’s regulatory laws. This was announced on Wednesday as the Russian government checks to see if the laws are abided to.

The country’s regulatory body stated back in September that it would ban Facebook from next year if the social media company doesn’t comply the rules and regulations put in place by the country. Russia requires websites that keep personal data of their citizens to store the data only on Russian servers.

In a statement earlier today, the regulatory body stated that, “In the near future Roskomnadzor will plan a series of supervisory activities aimed at analyzing the activities of the administration of Facebook in terms of the processing of Russian users’ personal information, the terms of services for users, and the content of existing legislation,”

The law was introduced three years ago with the aim of protecting the personal data of Russian citizens. Analysts and critics, however, have an opposite view as they see the move as an attack on social media as the country has tightened its control over internet activity in recent years.

The regulatory body. Roskomnadzor banned LinkedIn after a court found the platform guilty of violating some data storage law set up by the country. LinkedIn has still not reached an agreement with government authorities as it seeks to have its public access service restored.