Nearly 60% of Windows Phone Owners Still Believe in Microsoft

Nearly 60% of Windows Phone Owners Still Believe in Microsoft


Let’s face it, regardless of whether you are part of the Android community, iOS or use the Windows operating ststem, it is almost common knowledge of the delicate scenario and the unfortunate estate left by the Microsoft system over the last few months, a premise corroborated even by the Redmond company that has already talked about the defeat of Windows Phone in the industry.

Well, the Lumias gradually disappear from the shelves of stores, and in this segment Microsoft never hid that it plans to launch a device other than a cell phone, basically the device that survived the rumors as the legendary Surface Phone in essence would be a “pocket computer, “running the full Windows operating system in an archetype extrapolates the current technology of a smartphone, for comparison purposes.

But as we all know, it’s complicated to go through a complicated phase and again have faith that a work of the same nature (in theory) will be an astronomical success – after all, the scar does exist, does not it?

Thinking of stepping up the debate that always lingers in the Windows community, the US site OnMSFT – one of the most comprehensive sources in the Microsoft universe – held a poll to find out if Windows Phone owners would buy future Microsoft phones.

The result was very curious, revealed this week’s poll highlights that 56% of fans of the Lumia family would still buy Microsoft’s next Surface Phone, and 11.02% unfortunately struggled while doing so, but Windows-based consumers claim that “Threw the towel “. Check the results:

  • Yes, for a great device with great specifications: 56% (4,659 votes)
  • Maybe, only if the company follows the commitment of the ecosystem: 23.47% (1,953 votes)
  • Doubtful, I must wait to see: 9.51% (791 votes)
  • Microsoft has often failed us with its cell division, would never go back to this system: 11.02% (917 votes)

The Android / iOS supremacy in the mobile industry is categorically still overwhelming, and just like the classic Symbian, BlackBerry and Firefox OS, among others that left very early, Windows Phone also remains dazed and struggling with the latest forces it still has in this intense technological clash.

But it’s interesting to see that despite the circumstances that hit the platform, the faith of Microsoft fans remains unabated, and many, in fact, believe in the company’s revolution in its future strategy.

So, do you believe in the success of the upcoming Microsoft releases in the mobile market?

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