NASA Catching The Eyes of Star Trek As A Reality


    For those who are unfamiliar what Star Trek is it is all about space, astronomy and the galaxy. It is about the alliance of planets and wanting to keep peace in the galaxy. Evidently, it is the exploration of the galaxy in various star ships. Well the Star Trek phenomenon is catching the eyes of NASA. NASA is apparently utilizing technology in space that would be at home on the starship Enterprise. Discovering ways for human beings to spend years in space exclusive of needing steady resupply operations from Earth is the plan from NASA, hence the star trek reference.

    What does this mean exactly? It signifies utilizing the International Space Station as an experiment layout for mechanization that can expand an astronaut’s dwelling in space and therefore could be used one day on the long expedition to Mars, that every young aspiring space enthusiast has dreamt of doing.

    Developments in space have already occurred such as drinking water. The water is recovered from urine. I know sounds gross but the idea is to remove a lot of the salt from humans waste to have clean water. In addition, astronauts can produce their own resources using 3D printing and employing distinctive screens to check the air in the cabin atmosphere for filth.

    One of the threats with having humans in space is fires. Attaining knowledge and familiarizing how to alleviate a fire is one of the largest means to make sure astronauts are protected for long periods of time.

    NASA workers persist to see “Star Trek” as a motivation for more “Star Trek” space exploration technologies. Even though it might be a while, before anyone sets sail on Mars, it seems like the fantasy will occur sometime in the future.

    According to NASA, during the initial 14 years investigators performed more than 1,500 examinations, proceeding science, technology and learning.

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