Microsoft Edge will have major improvements in Fall Creators update

Microsoft Edge will have major improvements in Fall Creators update


The next major update of Windows 10, Fall Creators Update, will bring great news and improvements to the operating system, just as it did in previous updates.

Now with different focuses and objectives, the news of the new version can already be tested through the Insider Program and within a few weeks can be tested by ordinary users. One focus of the next major update will be Microsoft Edge, which will receive many new features and improvements that will allow it to be much faster in page loading and rendering processes.

Microsoft says it has added new elements to its browser’s constitution that cause progress in loading and rendering. Among the elements that are now supported by the Edge are the “select control”, “canvas element” and “svg elements: Markers, Masks, Patterns”.

Adding to these elements, the Redmond company has added a feature to the Edge that will allow it to use a different channel in the rendering tasks, thus taking advantage of the multi-core CPU tasks.

These changes to the Edge core, inserted in EdgeHTML 16, will bring about noticeable changes in overall browser performance, page loading and scrolling.

By way of comparison, Microsoft tested the speed and performance of Edge using 2 Surface Book: one of them with the current version of Edge, EdgeHTML15; And the other Surface with the new version that will be inserted in Fall Creators Update, EdgeHTML16.

The overall performance improvements of the browser are around 43%, very expressive values ​​taking into account the good performance that Microsoft Edge currently has.

In other news, The Xbox One S which has not yet officially arrived in some countries, but Microsoft is already discontinuing the original third generation console. The Microsoft US site has already removed the original Xbox from the catalog, leaving only a refurbished option, which costs $199 and has 500GB of storage.

In the United Kingdom, the original version is sold out. Only the latest models, the Xbox One S, the more compact version, and Xbox One X, appear as available. What is the company’s intention: to offer the most compact version for those who do not want all the power of the newer version.

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