iPhone 8 not even released but already has a ‘clone’ in the...

iPhone 8 not even released but already has a ‘clone’ in the Chinese market


As claimed in some reports released in the first half and as it is almost known in the iOS community, the long-awaited iPhone 8 should be officially released only next year. But given the relevance of this promises to mark the revolution of the line of Apple mobile phones in these 10 years of success, it is inevitable to cease the hype that revolves around the device as well as the rumors that appear at all times.

And as it could not fail to happen, in this flood of leaks highlighting the design of the top-of-the-line Apple cell phone, here the Chinese (again) did not want to wait for any more substantial information thanks to Apple, and in this endeavor give life to the iPhone 8 – well, or almost.

The Chinese market is famous for the unusual copies of cell phones it regularly offers, and as with other well-known brands in this segment, Apple is the latest target to receive an iPhone 8 from the present without even having officialized the model in question.

The YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has decided to look more closely at the unofficial iPhone 8 based on the rumors, and the video shared by the experts speaks for itself – check out here.

This solution of trying to copy a cellphone of this importance is not something relatively new, not even when we talk about the iPhone family.

The clone – if we may call it that – of the iPhone 8 appears exactly as it did in the first half leaks, with its dual-cam setup vertical and without any key on the front, be it a physical home button with haptic feedback.

The video of just over 13 minutes highlights how companies in China are creating more and more daring models, which in some ways may still mislead the public in the market. However, the archetype of this copy is not consistent with the original devices of the iPhone generation, we can observe this in the quality of the glass and the color of the product.

In addition, the Chinese iPhone is even powered by iOS, and essentially comprises an Android modified by a custom ROM with the concept of Apple’s operating system – so App Store applications in this model? No way.

Recalling that some similar alternatives also appeared in early June, they have always been far away from Apple’s design paradigm.

Of course, fake cell phones are actually more present than we can imagine, but it’s always good to be careful not to be surprised by gadgets like this.

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