Intel launches SSD Ruler that can hold 300,000 HD movies

Intel launches SSD Ruler that can hold 300,000 HD movies


In an attempt to take its SSD storage technology further, Intel unveiled a new element with a similarly revolutionary form for storage a few days ago. Exactly, we are talking about a thin SSD, which can store 1 Petabyte of data with reduced power and equally reduced cooling effort.

The American giant, however, revealed neither the price nor the release date of this curious storage format.

Intel has announced its key advances in data center storage technology. New developments include the new ruler format with Intel SSD technology, Intel Optane technology dual-port SSDs, 3D NAND dual-port SSDs, and so on. Other than that, the new ruler-shaped pattern steals all attention, of course!

As technology giants are switching to solid-state storage technologies, they are also ready to experiment with new ways of storing data. At first, the SSDs followed the classic hard drive model with 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives. The Intel rule standard stores up to 1PB (Petabyte) on a 1U server, according to TechGage.

Basically, this long, lean shape, an SSD ruler in its entirety, offers the highest storage capacity for a server with the lowest power and cooling needs required.

This next generation SSD will use Intel 3D NAND technology to store about 300,000 HD movies or about 70 years of continuous entertainment. As a comparison, to achieve the same storage with a 10 TB hard drive, you need a 4U 100-bay server.

At the moment, Intel refrained from providing more details, pricing and release date of the SSD in ruler.

Separately, the Intel CEO, who is openly close to the Republicans, has announced that he will resign from his position as a consultant in the American Manufacturing Council. This body is considered the most important interface between the US industry and the Trump government.

US President Donald Trump is still in the limelight after the neo-Nazi terror of Charlottesville. His much too hesitant condemnation of racially motivated deeds is too much, or rather too little, for many of his past supporters. For example, numerous prominent business bosses have left their advisory board, including Intel CEO Brian Krzanich.

Krzanich was one of those representatives of the economy, who in the past months felt that even if one did not agree with someone, they had to talk to each other. This person is in this case, of course, US President Trump who, like no other, divides the country.

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