IKEA opening Planning Studio in Mahattan by Spring

IKEA opening Planning Studio in Mahattan by Spring


On Monday, IKEA, a global retailer of furniture, has confirmed that by the spring of next year, its new location will likely be opened in Manhattan.

The “planning studio” with the IKEA’s concept based upon focusing on smart solutions for urban living and small spaces would be its first in United States.

The company acknowledged the efforts, of New Yorkers for their input throughout the planning process, by noting it as co-created store.

Slated for opening in the spring of next year, 999 Third Ave. will be the location of the store.

IKEA has been transforming in recognition of rapidly changing retail environment and has been in a practice of locating itself to meet its customers where they are. The classic center of culture, business and retail made it easy and natural for IKEA to choose the most dynamic and vibrant city of New York for opening of its first city center store in Manhattan area.

Following the recent opening of warehouse spanning 975,000 square feet and customer-fulfillment center in New York City, this store will be expanding the IKEA’s presence in the New York.

Part of the IKEA’s Matrix Global Logistics Park based in Cranbury, N.J. the warehouse has been located in the Bloomfield area of Staten Island.

And with the expectation to create about 200 jobs, CEVA Logistics will be operating the IKEA’s fulfillment center.

In January, at announcement of the center project, to support for timely and efficient delivery of its products to customers, IKEA highlighted the need, ensuring to have sufficient warehouse capacity while growing its online business and expanding across the United States.

Nearly $33.2 million is the cost which IKEA spent for development of its warehouse at Staten Island. In United States, besides fulfillment center, for other customer distribution centers as well, IKEA has tapped CEVA.

IKEA, across the metro area of New York City, also has locations in Paramus and Long Island.

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