Has Trump destroyed all diplomatic achievements?


    White House gave a clear message to the world. It says: The times when the US stood for a reliable foreign policy are finally over. With his refusal to ratify the nuclear deal with Iran, President Donald Trump undermines global efforts against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

    On Friday, Trump finally took a more strict action against Iran by decertifying the American nuclear law for the international nuclear agreement signed with Tehran. In addition, the US President announced new sanctions against Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and said they supported terrorism.

    The reason for his refusal to certify Iran’s compliance with the Atomic Energy Agreement, as the International Atomic Energy Agency had recently done, is that the Islamic Republic has repeatedly violated the agreement and has tightened its aggressive policy since the signing of the 2015 agreement, Trump said in a speech on Friday. The agreement will be terminated if there is no agreement with the US Congress and the allies. Iran warned of a sharp response if Trump imposes new sanctions.

    The agreement was reached in 2015 with the five UN Security Council powers. Tehran renounces the enrichment of uranium and the development of military-usable nuclear technology ¬ in return, the international community is loosening the sanctions that have paralyzed the Iranian economy.

    While Trump on Friday once again designated the nuclear deal as “one of the worst deals” the US has ever received, America’s coalition partners see it differently: Germany, the EU, Russia and all the other countries involved had unanimously emphasized in the run-up to Iran the agreement. They believe the withdrawal of the US from diplomatic solution will have devastating consequences for the entire region. It will also being more diplomatic crises in North Korea. Trump, on the other hand, argued that the controls of Iranian plants were too weak, Iran could continue to work on nuclear weapons.

    Trump tries to achieve two things: on the one hand, to fulfill an electoral promise – he had cursed the nuclear treaty as the “worst deal of all time”. On the other hand, the White House wants to limit diplomatic damage. Trump was convinced by his consultants not to terminate the contract one-sidedly. He leaves the decision on new sanctions to Congress giving it 60 days to decide on the resumption of sanctions against Iran, which were suspended after the conclusion of the agreement.

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