Ford to launch new models by 2022 that could directly communicate with...

Ford to launch new models by 2022 that could directly communicate with other vehicle


Ford Motor Co. has been planning to launch new models of vehicles in the United States with ability to directly communicate with connected devices, as said company on Monday.

The vehicles will be using a wireless communication technology and likely to be running on the roads in the United States by 2022. Ford will augment sensors in these new models which will give more comprehensive views to the vehicle using radars and cameras and that are being used in driverless cars. Ford quoted the wireless technology as C-V2X or cellular vehicle-to-everything.

C-V2X will be able to match up these sensors just like hearing sense complements our visuals, as said Don Butler, executive director for Ford’s connected vehicle platform.

Ford stated that for C-V2X, the requirement of signals to route through cellular tower will be eliminated as the system will enable the connected devices to communicate directly and that will results in quicker process of sending and receiving information. The technology will be helping in safe and less crowded mobility across a city, as it can share information with similar devices whether mounted in other vehicles, traffic management infrastructures or even people on the roadside carrying cell phones, by sending and receiving signals. Eventually driver will know in advance what is coming ahead even before they have to face it or it came to its line of sight.

C-V2X will also be help negotiating the right of way especially on four-way stops. It will also be relaying signals about its status when exposed to an accident that will alert the other with an advance notice to remain careful or help them to reroute to avoid any dangerous situation.

Earlier in November, Ford has announced that its autonomous vehicles are likely to be launched in 2021 for sale based upon completion of a new architectural design expected to be ready by that time which company has been specifically developing for autonomous vehicle systems.

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