Energy CEO McClendon dies in Oklahoma car crash, a day after indictment


    Press releases have come giving a shock in confirming death of Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon in a single-car crash – one day after being charged with breaking federal antitrust laws.

    Previous reports from US Justice Department of Justice had confirmed McChendon to have been indicted for allegedly colluding to rig bids for oil and gas acerage when he was playing as a role of central player in US fracking revolution. However he had refused to bear that charge upon him.

    The police officials claim to be digging out the actual cause of the incidence. that took place when McClendon was driving his 2013 Chevy Tahoe on a two lane road.

    The actual time of the accident reported to be 9:12 am Local Time – previously during the same hour there was no such incidence reported however.

    Exclusive News — by Market Watchers — claims the incidence to have occurred approx. 8 miles (13 KM) from American Energy Partners, which McClendon had founded and where he was the chairman and chief executive. The vehicle had bene badly burnt while McClendon wasn’t wearing seat belt as well.

    INSIGHT: In 2013 following his resignation form Chesapeake, McClendon went on to start American Energy Partners and, with the help of private equity funds, made billions of dollars in bets on vast tracts of oil and gas land around the United States and Australia. Not to mention, McClendon was known for his high tolerance for risk and debt and for his lavish lifestyle, which included the purchase of high-end homes, antique boats and an extensive wine cellar.

    “Aubrey’s tremendous leadership, vision and passion for the energy industry had an impact on the community, the country and the world. We are tremendously proud of his legacy.” -American Energy Partners said in a statement.

    “Chesapeake is deeply saddened by the news that we have heard today and our thoughts and prayers are with the McClendon family during this difficult time.”- The company

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