China neither posed threat to Norway, nor it did cyber espionage

China neither posed threat to Norway, nor it did cyber espionage


In the midst when Norway has been thinking about the future status of China’s Huawei Technologies in the country, the Chinese Embassy, on Monday, has described the Norwegian intelligence assessment about the China as ridiculous.

The intelligence of Nordic country assessed that China remained looking for to steal the country’s secrets which caused threats to its security.

In its annual threat assessment report, PST, Norway’s intelligence service, said that intelligence operations against the national interests as well as businesses with attempts to get access to their computer networks was also conducted by China while Russian security services remained causing the biggest threat to the country.

The Chinese Embassy in Oslo said in a statement on its website that it for the intelligence services of a country it is very ridiculous to attack country like China and make its security assessment entirely on the imaginations; and to the security of Norway, there is no threat caused by China.

Huawei is going through heightened international scrutiny for claims of having close ties with the Chinese government and also facing allegation that its equipment could be used by Beijing for spying, but company has repeatedly denied all these and remained stick to its stance of not accepting any claim without proof.

Earlier Benedicte Bjoernland, chief of Nowrwegian intelligence service PST, had warned to remain vigilant to Huawei for its ties with Chinese government.

The Chinese embassy in Oslo rejected the comments of Bjoernland and said that Chinese government did not force any company to make their software to have mandatory back doors.

Many western nations have excluded the Huawei as part of their 5G build outs and Norway, who’s state-controlled Telenor was the first major operator signed a deal to work with Huawei in 2009 that opened an opportunity of global expansion to the Chinese firm, is also been considering whether to join them for the same.