Apple is the most profitable in Fortune’s new list

Apple is the most profitable in Fortune’s new list


Fortune is a company that usually produces several lists that show the best companies in the world. Now the magazine has published a new survey that shows Apple as the most profitable company in the United States in the new Fortune 500 ranking.

According to what was revealed, the apple company made a profit of $ 45.7 billion. Meanwhile, the second placed on the list, JP Morgan Chase, was able to make a profit of only $24.7 billion, almost half that of Apple.

Other companies that stand out in the list of most profitable are Alphabet, which controls Google, YouTube and other services, and is in fifth place. Meanwhile, Microsoft can be found in seventh place. These two companies recorded profits of US$ 19.4 billion and US$ 16.7 billion.

Among the novice companies in the list we can also highlight the Hewlett Packard Enterprise – also known as HP – in the first place. In addition to it we also find Tesla in fourth; Nvidia in sixth; And Activision Blizzard in eighth. It is quite interesting to see how many companies in the technology sector are present, which shows the growth of this sector.

In a separate news, Apple may be considered one of the companies that invests the most in a good after-sale. It is quite common for users to go to some company store with a defective device and Apple deliver a brand new one. Now, if you own a first-generation Apple Watch unit, you can receive an Apple Watch Series 1 free of charge when you activate the warranty.

It is reported that Apple is informing its employees that the first-generation Apple Watch units in need of repair can be exchanged for the Apple Watch Series 1. There are not many differences between the two devices, though the latter is a Latest model and it has an even better chipset, although it does not enjoy an integrated GPS.

However, it is worth remembering that this change can only be done in the case of some specific models of the first generation of Apple Watch. Only the aluminum variant can be changed by the Apple Watch Series 1, being of any color: space gray, silver, gold and rose gold.