YouTube tests new Android interface for minimized videos

YouTube tests new Android interface for minimized videos


YouTube is currently testing new features for its Android mobile app and continues to improve by allowing better control of videos that are minimized within the application. While until now we could only stop viewing, the user can now have other interactions and continue to go about his occupations by looking for other content on the platform for example.

The search giant’s streaming video service continues to work on the interface of its mobile application, we’ve already seen it about controlling the playback speed of YouTube videos.

This time, it is the videos that are minimized within the application for smartphone to have a glimpse, when one slips with the finger to lower them in a corner of the screen. Indeed, YouTube tests new functionalities so that one can interact with them very easily with a small bar present on the bottom of the screen.

Indeed, it is possible to choose the space that one wishes to devote to a video without necessarily that it takes only a ridiculous small space of the screen when it is minimized. Another addition is the ability to skip to the next video or pause or stop playback by pressing the small cross.

This interface is currently in test visibly on Android smartphones, on Reddit and some users indicate that this new interface is deployed mainly on Nexus and Pixel smartphones. However, some other smartphones are also concerned without knowing exactly what the criteria are to be able to benefit from it.

Some users obviously have some bugs, sometimes it happens that two bars appear at the bottom of the screen and the only thing to do is to reinstall the YouTube application to be able to make them disappear again.

Google is constantly working on the interface of its applications to be able to enjoy better ergonomics and sometimes this work of simplification passes through the fusion of certain services like YouTube RED and Play Music.