Writing with a keyboard makes your brain lazy

Writing with a keyboard makes your brain lazy


According to several studies by prominent American universities, writing with a computer keyboard, rather than with our hands, would have the unfortunate tendency to make our brain lazier! Several researchers pointed to the negative impact of the abandonment of handwriting on the academic results of students.

This is by no means the first time that technological advances are accused of softening the brain of young and old. Generally, it is usually the screens as well as the video games that are pointed out by the experts. The smartphones are also regularly the subject of numerous studies and analyzes, which lead us to question: do smartphones make us stupid?

Students who take note with a computer get bad results!

According to Virginia Berninger, a professor at the University of Washington, and a study on the impact of exclusive keyboard use on school learning, it is a fact: using a keyboard rather than a pen causes a sharp drop in intellectual performance. It states “We noticed that students write faster and express more ideas if they write by hand rather than using a computer keyboard.”

The computer would thus tend rather to weigh and slow the reflection of the students rather than to encourage it!

The experts are unanimous. By carrying out several comparative studies with individuals who have used a pencil or a pen in front of others using a keyboard, they quickly realized a glaring difference in performance. People who have used a pen have better retained the information and have managed to synthesize it better! The researchers are convinced that writing by hand mobilizes more resources in our brain than writing using a keyboard.

These findings are corroborated by a study conducted by Princeton University that compared the academic performance of students with the way they took note. According to them, students who took note with a computer had worse results on conceptual issues than those who took note by hand.

This is the first one that the keyboard is challenged. You will understand, the current keyboard is far from undisputed! What could it be replaced?

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