Workplace adds desktop chat app as it aims to rival slack

Workplace adds desktop chat app as it aims to rival slack


Workplace, a major competitor to Slack has already made plans to add a desktop chat app to their tools. The company which has been around for less than a year is looking to allow users more flexibility. This will make it possible for the company to add the number of clients they have, as they currently supply collaboration tools to 30,000 organizations. With this move, Workplace is looking to provide more competition to the number one favorite, Slack.

Workplace, which was created by Facebook is looking to expand its chat feature. A year ago, Workplace was launched with the sole purpose to provide collaboration services and provide competition to the popular collaborative tool Slack. Early Thursday, workplace announced that it will expand the chat features of the software.

The chat features of Workplace has always supported mobile app and browsing feature, something that Facebook isn’t comfortable with. This is the reason why they are adding a desktop app. With the desktop app, employees will be able to interact more like screen sharing, file sharing, and video chat. The software will be available for Mac and PCs, including mobile devices like iPhones and Android devices.

Facebook also mentioned that at the moment, Workplace has over 30,000 organizations using it. Some of these organizations include Walmart, Lyft, and Spotify. The social media mogul stated that the group video is a feature they are currently working on and will be available to users in the next few weeks.

It hasn’t been an easy war as the company to dominate collaborative software has been quite heated in Silicon Valley. Slack has the advantage at the moment, with the company launched in 2013 by Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield. Slack is the favorite for most tech and organizations across the country. Not to be left out, earlier this year, Microsoft launched its own collaborative software called Microsoft Teams.

Not to be outdone by the other, Facebook launched a free version of Workplace back in April. This free version added to the already premium version they launched last year. For the premium version, users are to pay $3 for the first 1000 users on the platform. The price went down to $2 each for the next 9,000 users with $1 to be paid for those who register after that.

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