Windows Store: you can watch movies and TV shows illegally, at your...

Windows Store: you can watch movies and TV shows illegally, at your own risk!


Unbelievable but true, Microsoft’s Windows Store is apparently infested with pirate programs that allow you to watch illegally movies and TV shows! However, there are certain security risks for the user who would be tempted to use these applications … Which ones? How is this possible?

Many users blindly trust applications uploaded to official app stores like Apple, Google, or Microsoft. Big mistake! It is not because an app comes from an identified store that it is necessarily reliable. Many malware, such as GhostClicker, regularly infect apps from the Google Play Store while the Apple App Store is not left behind with its countless scams.

According to TorrentFreak searches, the Windows Store is full of illegal streaming applications that allow to stream recent productions. According to TorrentFreak, the apps in question function normally but are totally saturated with ultra-invasive ads. Another big blackhead: these apps often require access to the private data of Internet users, like the password of his Microsoft account!

Obviously, this type of request should not be complied with. The practice is strange enough to alert most users. However, some budding Internet users, less experienced by the uses of the net, risk falling into the panel, victim of a blind faith in the reliability of the Windows Store.

How can Microsoft let these applications pass, while some are paying, despite the security procedures that it has put in place? The US giant has long boasted of its compliance, security and verification tests that determine whether an application is trustworthy or whether it is a malware.

This information is rather ironic when we know that in the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft has implemented a feature that allows to block the installation of non-Windows programs. The firm seems convinced that the enemy comes from outside and not from within!

“We take reports that there is intellectual property infringement or inappropriate content in our Store seriously and we will review this recent report to its fullest,” says a Microsoft spokesperson. “In an effort to offer our customers quality content they can feel confident in, we continually work with our developers to ensure that they are in compliance with our Application Developer Agreement and our Store Policies.”

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