Which stocks are in the focus?

Which stocks are in the focus?


The participants in the Nasdaq 100 Index were led by the shares of the biotech company Incyte, which jumped by more than 10 percent. They benefited from the fact that the cooperation partner Eli Lilly wants to apply for a jointly developed active substance for arthritis against the US health authority FDA. Shares of Eli Lilly grew just two and a half percent. Other biotech companies such as BioMarin, Gilead Sciences and Biogen were also among the price winners.

A purchase recommendation from the Deutsche Bank drove the shares of the light-emitting diode developer Universal Display up 12 percent. The OLED technology is one of the fastest growing in the entire hardware business and universal display is only specialized in this, according to a study of the experts.

Surprisingly good results from Analog Devices gave the stock a plus of more than 5 percent and thus also a top place in the Nasdaq 100 index. The semiconductor manufacturer had surpassed expectations in the fourth quarter and the outlook.

In the Dow Jones, the shares of the iPhone group Apple continued their record hunt with an increase of 0.27 percent to 163.35 dollars. Apple marked a new record high on Wednesday speculation about an early launch of the new iPhone. Investors have high expectations from iPhone 8.

It’s about excitement around the new iPhone and other products that Apple wants to launch in the coming month. On September 12, Apple is reportedly organizing the annual launch event, which is likely to present a series of new products.

This is when the launch of the new iPhone 8 is expected. This has not been confirmed by Apple itself, but the speculation is severe. In addition, the rumors are that the tech giant is going to present a new smartwatch.

Apple has been benefiting from the expectations of the new iPhone. Investors are counting on a so-called super cycle, because many iPhone owners have their current device for 2 years or longer. Then they often decide to buy a new model. The high expectations have led Apple to increase by more than 40 percent.

Dycom Industries’ shares fell by more than 7 percent after an unexpectedly low profit target for the coming quarter. The company’s profit forecast was even well below the lowest estimate of analysts.

Also, H & R Block slipped. Due to higher costs, the tax consultancy’s quarterly loss was higher than expected. Given the moderate growth prospects, the shares are too expensive, analyst Mark Palmer from the investment bank BTIG stated. Should President Trump also implement his plans to simplify tax returns, H & R Block threatened additional losses.

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