Wall Street opens lower and Dow Jones yields 0.35%

Wall Street opens lower and Dow Jones yields 0.35%


The New York Stock Exchange is trading in the red today, penalized by falling tech stocks as investors question their real value. Half an hour after the start of trading session the Dow Jones Industrial lost 0.20% to 21,229.21 points, the selective S & P 500 lost 0.46% to 2,420.64 points and the composite index of the Nasdaq market fell 1.48% until 6,166.13 points.

Traders at the New York exchange were betting on sales from the early days of the day dragged by the poor performance of companies in the technology sector, in a week in which the Fed will hold its meeting on monetary policy.

The technology sector fell 1.87%, which is in addition to the sharp declines that took place on Friday, and at this time giants like Apple fell 3.48%, Alphabet 3.41% and Microsoft a 2 , 40%, among others.

Also falling in the Dow Jones Industrials were other values ​​such as Visa (-1.67%), McDonald’s (-0.86%), Boeing (-0.82%), DuPont (-0.69%), Caterpillar 0.67%), UnitedHealth (-0.63%), United Technologies (-0.58%) and 3M (-0.39%).

On the other side of the chart was General Electric, whose shares were up sharply a whopping 4.69%, after announcing the departure of its CEO, Jeff Immelt, who will be replaced by John Flannery.

Exxon Mobil (1.64%), Chevron (1.36%), Verizon (1.35%), IBM (1.34%), Walt Disney (1.00%), Nike (0.75%), Pfizer (0.75%), Cisco Systems (0.70%), Procter & Gamble (0.42%) and Merck (0.34%).

In other markets, Texas oil rose to $ 46.41, gold fell to $ 1,268.6, profitability of 10-year public debt rose to 2.207%, and the dollar lost ground against the euro.

On Friday, the New York Stock Exchange closed without a definite trend, after a session marked by a sudden drop of the emblematic titles, although with a new record of the Dow Jones. The final results of the session pointed to a strong Nasdaq decline of 1.8% to 6,207.92 points, which contrasted with the Dow Jones Industrial appreciation which appreciated by 0.42% to a new record of 21,271, 97. The Standard & Poor’s index, on the other hand, broke 0.08% for the 2,431.77 points.

By mid-afternoon Friday, stocks in the technology sector weighing more heavily on the Nasdaq index plunged, in a move that seems to have been particularly marked by e-commerce giant Amazon.

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