Wake Me Up When September Ends: U.S. Stocks On A Quiet Note

Wake Me Up When September Ends: U.S. Stocks On A Quiet Note


U.S. stocks are just not the things to invest in right now, so pay close attention investors. There is more loss than gain. Such things like banks, and energy companies have taken downfalls considering the decrease in oil prices. So one person’s gain is another person’s loss? Interesting. But sources are claiming this won’t for the time being. August has been a hush hush month, and the same is expected for September. So hold on tight investors, cause we are about to go for a ride.

But of course not all stocks are at a loss. Technology companies are claiming to have made the biggest achievements with stocks. ABC claims that Hewlett Packard Enterprise gained 68 cents, or 3.2 percent, to $22.16.

Other companies like Costco have also not been doing well in terms of sales; August was reportedly not a good month. But certain things like Casinos gained revenue in the month of August.

U.S. manufacturing decreased in August for the initial time as orders and productivity also decreased and factories had to unfortunately cut jobs and workers considering the circumstances. On the other hand, there were signs that the feeble worldwide nation won’t harm U.S. companies as much as we think. Chinese factory managers claim that they imagine doing more production with sales in the near future.

All in all, the U.S. close with small increases as technology and metals companies have large increases.

Considering the inconsistencies and the highs and lows I conquer that September will probably be a quiet month. It makes sense why technology companies are gaining the most success. Technology is constantly evolving, changing, growing, and maintaining its innovation. Overall, it is hard to compete with that when some companies are just trying to survive at the moment.

I know I have already given you some information and stats on who is gaining and who is losing with companies. But do you want to know who are the top gainers and losers? According to ET Markets, FCS Software, Hind Nat Glass, Hind Const Co, C&C Construct, GTL Infra are the top gainers right now. Rasoya Proteins, Xchanging Sol, Pan India Corp, Indo Rama Syth and MVL ltd are the top losers. The top gainer is at 20 % while the top lost is at -25%. Our economy works in mysterious ways, but the truth of the matter is that nothing stays the same.

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