Uber does not look forward to terminate dynamic pricing

Uber does not look forward to terminate dynamic pricing


According to announcement laid forward by ride giant Uber, the *decision for cost increment won’t be altered.

(*The ride sharing app activated cost increment – stating it to be essential for drivers around the city alongside ignoring annoyance of many consumers)

In accord to NPR story, Uber Advanced Technologies Center’s engineering lead Jeff Schneider informed that the company is looking to ‘kill surge price’ for improving machine learning. However, Uber disapproved the mentioned statement.

As what Market Watchers received from Uber’s spokesperson (for readers’ concern):

“Uber is always looking for ways to better predict supply and demand in a city. But this story is not accurate: we have no plans to end dynamic pricing. While we understand that no-one likes to pay more for the same trip, it’s the only way to ensure that passengers can always get a ride when they need one.”

Upon reach, NPR did not say anything regarding this.

INSIGHT: Apps like Go-Jek and Grab are probably going to give tough rivalry to Uber which has brought its motorcycle-taxi hailing service to Indonesia, this week. After Thailand and India, it is world’s third country to avail riding giant’s **services.

(**Mode of transaction can also be via credit card payment)

UberMotor service has been certain to provide cheap, reliable transportation for hundreds of thousands of people. Ithad been offering charges worth 1,000 rupiah/kilometer (7 cents/km); lower than those from its rival motorbike services, whose minimum charges are 12,000 rupiah/kilometer, (91 cents/km) and 10,000 rupiah/kilometer (76 cents/km).

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