Twitter Launches Streaming Apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox

Twitter Launches Streaming Apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox


When it comes to social media and technology it is a known fact this is continuously evolving and being updated to make it more efficient for its users. Twitter wants to make things easy for you. You know A, B, C..easy as 1,2,3. How so? They are making is simpler to view video from its live streaming associates with innovative applications for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One.

It will be introducing the apps especially for 10 Thursday night NFL games that Twitter is planning to showcase. Twitter is not only planning to stream Football, but as well other sports and in addition entertainment and news info. This will all be able to be viewed on the applications. The applications will also showcase popular tweets.

This seems like a good way to draw new users to Twitter who aren’t so keen on it now. Twitter isn’t for everyone, but maybe by incorporating this new feature it will make it even more universal. Like any social media site, Twitter as of recent has been under high demands to tackle inactive user growth and slowing marketing sales development. I think what a lot of people maybe don’t realize is that the latest news is always on Twitter first. So even if your not one to tweet a lot, Twitter is a great platform for finding out the latest.

Anybody with these gadgets, paying little mind to whether they have Twitter or pay TV membership, can appreciate this practice. With arrangements like the one with the NFL, the organization will have the capacity to present a more grounded defense to sponsors for video advancements. Twitter is offering video advertisement income to substance suppliers.

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