Trump has made a military decision that Putin will play in his hands


    Since 2013, the CIA has supplied Syrian rebels with weapons, including lighter weapons, ammunition and weapons to defend tanks. This delivery stopped US President Donald Trump four weeks ago, the Washington Post reported. The rebels had thus opposed the dictator Bashar al-Assad.

    The weakening of the rebels comes mainly against Russia. Russia has been supporting Assad with military since 2015. Former US President Barack Obama, on the other hand, put the rebels in charge of Assad. But the current US government says the delivery of weapons has had little effect.

    Priority is to work with Russia

    According to the “Washington Post” Trumps decision is that he is less interested in a fall of Assad. He instead strives to cooperate with Russia. Also the geopolitics expert Rodger Baker, who works for the information service Stratfor, told media:  “It is great interest of the USA to end the crisis in Syria . The US government is convinced that it needs Russia for it. “For this, she takes the view that Assad remains in power.

    But some US government officials are worried that Trump is too much for Russian President Vladimir Putin. An official concluded against the “Washington Post”: “Putin has won in Syria.” But also for Assad is the stop of the delivery of weapons a success, because he could not hold without Russia’s support, suspect observers.

    The decision is to be taken before the G20 summit

    Prior to the armory, Trump had agreed with CIA Director Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor Herbert Raymond McMaster. The US government has long said that the fall of Assad is no longer a priority. The decision of a weapon stoppage should have been made before the Trump and Putin meeting at the G20 summit. At the G20 Summit, it was announced that the US had negotiated an armistice with the Russians and Jordan in the south-west of Syria.

    However, the US does not withdraw from Syria. They continue to fight against ISIS. Kurdish rebels continue to support the US, which are fighting ISIS but not Assad. The question is how the US and Russia will deal with the dictator Assad when the military conflict is solved.