Toyota: We are more than just an Automaker

Toyota: We are more than just an Automaker


Toyota Motor Corp. wants everyone to know that they are more than just car manufacturers. The company said that they want to be known as a human movement company also. The largest car manufacturer in Japan will utilize the Tokyo Motor Show this week to show the world what the company is all about.

The company will also use the Motor Show as an avenue to let the world know about its rebranding and look into other market activities like their rehabilitation robots to mobility services. The company has named the initiative as “Start Your Impossible”. They take inspiration from athletes all over the world who will participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics by 2020.

2020 will be a very important year for Toyota as they look to display a wide array of fuel cell buses, autonomous highway driving that is powered by AI, the national taxi that is well redesigned, and maybe even a flying car.

The Executive Vice President of the company, Didier Leroy stated today at the motor show while making a presentation, “The passion for mobility goes beyond cars. For us, it means expanding our capability into technologies that can help people move around town or across the room.”

Toyota isn’t the only company that is looking for new ways to generate revenue after the president of the company Akio Toyoda noted that what is being witnessed currently is a shift for the car manufacturing industry. Other automakers like General Motors Co., Volkswagen AG, and so many others are looking to boost their revenue by offering services such as ride-sharing, monetize car data and others. Not only that, the companies are facing stiff competition from the upcoming Elon Musk’s Tesla Inc.

To ensure more income streams, Toyota is looking into solving the needs of developed countries that are witnessing a rapidly aging population. As part of that, Toyota launched an in-house company last year that is specifically designed to keep people moving. The sector was able to get its first product (walking rehabilitation robot) out into the market earlier this year.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota introduced a wheelchair-accessible microcar and a Segway-like device. For the device to turn, a rider isn’t required.

In an interview after the presentation, Leroy stated that “We have to make sure we can provide the appropriate mobility”

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