Toyota Introducing next level of 3rd generation humanoid bots

Toyota Introducing next level of 3rd generation humanoid bots


Toyota by unveiling the latest version of its third generation humanoid robot T-HR31, has tried to make the “Avator” a real-life robot. Over 5G communications from a distance of roughly 6 miles, a human sized bot can be successfully controlled by the Human operators remotely.

Toyota, with intension to make the robots work in homes and workplaces side by side with humans, has been working to create a robotic system.

Last year, Toyota had come up with its third generation of humanoids, T-HR3. As part of DOCOMO Open House 2018, Toyota will be demonstrating latest technology between Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Big Sight.

With the use of a virtual reality headset and Master Maneuvering System, a human operator connects with the bot to control it. Through torque sensors, reduction gears and motors, joints of the bot have been connected with the controlling chair, enabling operator to communicate the physical action to robot, for instance upon operator movement to his hand the robot will also do the same simultaneously.

Real time movements of robot can be seen bythe operator in 3D by the operator through VR headset.

From balancing on one foot to squeezing a balloon without popping it, can now be done by the bot by copying the human operator’s actions. An array of sensor in remote control system namely Master Maneuvering System directly, a large chair comprise of dozens of sensors and movable arms, communicate the physical movements of operator to robot making it able to copy the actions.

Initially homes and hospitals are the likely places where Toyota has been seeing its third generation humanoid robot assisting the people for their daily as well as professional tasks. Moving forward it can also be utilized to perform tasks in locations that are potentially dangerous for humans like disaster stricken areas, constructions sites and even in space. Along with tougher ones, it is also able to perform gentle tasks.

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